New Directions

Apr 19

Bonjour, mon amies! Long time, no chat. So, what exactly has Lillian been up to these last few months? Waiting. I procured an agent the way most people do- a lot of luck- roughly a year ago. He has diligently performed his agent duties since that time- making lots of phone calls, emails, and other agenty tasks trying to sell my manuscript to a publisher. Right about...

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Creative Business Owner

Nov 26

Bonjour, mon amies! There is still a lot of chatter about the internet these days about pathways to pubication- traditional, self-pub, indie, small press. Plenty of folks have plenty of opinions on which choice is better and why. I still think the most important question any creative needs to ask is what is their end game? Is it to promote literacy and share their...

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Support an Author

Nov 24

Bonjour, mon amies!   I hope your Thanksgiving holidays are going well. Myself, I am looking forward to a new challenge this year in gift-giving- support local creativity. This is a broad topic, boiled down to this- as many gifts as possible, I will purchase to either support a local bookstore, an author, or artisan. I want to celebrate the unique voices around...

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